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Krishna Mohan, McGraw-Hill Education, 2000, 1, Paperback, 328, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
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Grant Taylor, McGraw-Hill Education, 1975, 1, Paperback, 301, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
This book provides simple but extremely useful guidelines for improving oral practice in English. The text is divided into two main parts: Part 1 contains conversations based on common daily situations, while Part 2 emphasizes particular structural or lexical features of the language. This book contains a large number of exercises designed in a programmed fashion; all the words or sentences are presented at the left of the page and the expected responses are given at the right. The book is ideal for home study and would be extremely useful to all those interested in improving their conversational skills.
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Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2017, 1, Hardcover, 1187, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
This English dictionary has been especially prepared for students and teachers of English. It will also be useful to general readers and users of the language. The different nuances of the words have been easily explained through examples. It also explains the changing meanings of the words.Words from many different languages like Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Persian, French, German, Japanese that have been absorbed in English are included in the dictionary. For pronunciation of words the editors have used the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). The publisher and the editors are sure that the users will find it very helpful in understanding the language.
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M.H. Abrams, Geoffrey Harpham, Cengage Learning, 2015, 11, Paperback, 444, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
'First published over fifty years ago, A GLOSSARY OF LITERARY TERMS remains an essential text for all serious students of literature. Now fully updated to...
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V. Sasikumar, McGraw-Hill Education, 2007, 2, Paperback, 281, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
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