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Donald D. Givone, McGraw-Hill Education, 2003, 1, Paperback, 702, India, New, Usually ships in 4 Days

"Digital Principals and Design is a comprehensive new textbook, which takes a classical approach to the subject of digital design, emphasizing through presentation of the basic principles of logic design and the illustration of these principles. The book is intended for an introductory course in digital principles with emphasis on logic, design as well as for a more advanced course. With the exception of the digital circuits appendix,it assumes no background on the part of the reader. Students in computer science, computer engineering and electrical can use the text.

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Eberhard Wolff , Pearson Education, 2018, 1, Paperback, 288, India, New, Usually Ships in 8 Days
Using Continuous Delivery, you can bring software into production more rapidly, with greater reliability. A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery is a 100% practical guide to building Continuous Delivery pipelines that automate rollouts, improve reproducibility, and dramatically reduce risk. Eberhard Wolff introduces a proven Continuous Delivery technology stack, including Docker, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, Graphite, the ELK stack, JBehave, and Gatling. He guides you through applying these technologies throughout build, continuous integration, load testing, acceptance testing, and monitoring. Wolff’s start-to-finish example projects offer the basis for your own experimentation, pilot programs, and full-fledged deployments. A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery is for everyone who wants to introduce Continuous Delivery, with or without DevOps. For managers, it introduces core processes, requirements, benefits, and technical consequences. Developers, administrators, and architects will gain essential skills for implementing and managing pipelines, and for integrating Continuous Delivery smoothly into software architectures and IT organizations.Understand the problems that Continuous Delivery solves, and how it solves them Establish an infrastructure for maximum software automation Leverage virtualization and Platform as a Service (PAAS) cloud solutions Implement build automation and continuous integration with Gradle, Maven, and Jenkins Perform static code reviews with SonarQube and repositories to store build artifacts Establish automated GUI and textual acceptance testing with behavior-driven design Ensure appropriate performance via capacity testing Check new features and problems with exploratory testing Minimize risk throughout automated production software rollouts Gather and analyze metrics and logs with Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK), and Graphite Manage the introduction of Continuous Delivery into your enterprise Architect software to facilitate Continuous Delivery of new capabilitiesPreface Part I: Foundations Chapter 1: Continuous Delivery: What and How? Chapter 2: Providing Infrastructure Part II: The Continuous Delivery Pipeline Chapter 3: Build Automation and Continuous Integration Chapter 4: Acceptance Tests Chapter 5: Capacity Tests Chapter 6: Exploratory Testing Chapter 7: Deploy—The Rollout in Production Chapter 8: Operations Part III: Management, Organization, and Architecture for Continuous Delivery Chapter 9 Introducing Continuous Delivery into Your Enterprise Chapter 10: Continuous Delivery and DevOps Chapter 11: Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and Software Architecture Chapter 12: Conclusion: What Are the Benefits? Endnotes Index
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