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Anthony Sequeira, Pearson Education, 2019, 1, Paperback, 215, India, New, Usually ships in 14 Days

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-CO1) Cert Guide is a best-of-breedexam study guide. Best-selling author and expert instructor Anthony Sequeira

shares preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of

weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on

skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your

understanding and retention of exam topics.

The book presents you with an organized test preparation routine through the

use of proven series elements and techniques. Exam topic lists make referencing

easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you

must know thoroughly. Review questions help you assess your knowledge, and

final preparation chapter guides you through tools and resources to help your final study plan.

The companion website contains the powerful Pearson Test Prep practice test

software, complete with hundreds of exam-realistic questions. The assessment

the engine offers you a wealth of customization options and reporting features, laying

out a complete assessment of your knowledge to help you focus your study

where it is needed most.

Well regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review

questions and exercises, this study guide helps you master the concepts and

techniques that will allow you to succeed on the exam the first time.

The study guide helps you master all the topics on the AWS Certified Cloud

Practitioner exam, including how to:

Deine the AWS Cloud and its value proposition, and discuss its economics

Define the AWS Shared Responsibility model, and key AWS security and compliance concepts

Identify AWS access management capabilities

Define methods of deploying the AWS Cloud and operating within

Define the AWS global infrastructure and identify core AWS services

Recognize and compare AWS pricing models and account structures

Identify support resources for security, AWS cloud technology, and billing

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Prof. (Dr.) Atanu Das, Prof. Rajkumar Patra, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2022, Paperback, 200, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
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Prof. (Dr.) Atanu Das, Prof. Rajkumar Patra, Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2022, Paperback, 572, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
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E. Balagurusamy, McGraw-Hill Education, 2008, 1, Paperback, 508, India, New, Usually ships in 4 Days
The first variant of the two, this book discusses fundamentals of computers along with C programming aspects in great detail. The course fit is Introduction...
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Donald D. Givone, McGraw-Hill Education, 2003, 1, Paperback, 702, India, New, Usually ships in 4 Days

"Digital Principals and Design is a comprehensive new textbook, which takes a classical approach to the subject of digital design, emphasizing through presentation of the basic principles of logic design and the illustration of these principles. The book is intended for an introductory course in digital principles with emphasis on logic, design as well as for a more advanced course. With the exception of the digital circuits appendix,it assumes no background on the part of the reader. Students in computer science, computer engineering and electrical can use the text.

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Richard A. Poisel, Artech House Publisher, 2008, 2, Hardback, 641, UK, New, Usually ships in 4 Days
Focusing mainly on the engineering aspects of communications electronic warfare (EW) systems, this thoroughly updated and revised edition of a popular Artech House book offers a current and complete introduction to the subject. The second edition adds a wealth of new material, including expanded treatments of two critical areas - RF noise and the effects of signal fading. Extensively supported with over 700 equations, this authoritative resource details the components, systems, and operations of electronic warfare systems dedicated to protecting and attacking military communications networks. The book offers a complete understanding of how modern direction finders for communication signals work, along with their limitations. It shows how to measure performance and define the basic operations necessary for communication EW systems. Professionals learn how to identify state-of-the-art EW technology and gain a solid understanding of basic EW processes.
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Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Anuj Karpatne, Vipin Kumar, Pearson, 2021, Second, Paperback, 856, India, New, Usually Ships in 14 Days
As with the first edition, the second edition of the book provides a comprehensive introduction to data mining and is designed to be accessible and useful...
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Larry Rockoff, Pearson Education, 2018, 2, Paperback, 240, India, New, Usually Ships in 8 Days
A quick, clearly written introduction to the use of SQL to store and retrieve information First edition of this strong-selling book has sold over 14,000 copies since 2010. • Utilizes a language-based approach that allows the user to learn SQL as they would learn English • Updated examples work with the latest versions of Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQLThe Language of SQL, 2nd Edition Introduction 1. Relational Databases and SQL 2. Basic Data Retrieval 3. Calculated Fields and Aliases 4. Using Functions 5. Sorting Data 6. Selection Criteria 7. Boolean Logic 8. Conditional Logic 9. Summarizing Data 10. Subtotals and Crosstabs 11. Inner Joins 12. Outer Joins 13. Self Joins and Views 14. Subqueries 15. Set Logic 16. Stored Procedures and Parameters 17. Modifying Data 18. Maintaining Tables 19. Principles of Database Design 20. Strategies for Displaying Data A. Getting Started with Microsoft SQL Server B. Getting Started with MySQL C. Getting Started with Oracle
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William Stallings, Pearson Education, 2018, 6, Paperback, 472, India, New, Usually Ships in 8 Days
Network Securities Essentials: Applications and Standards introduces students to the criticalimportance of Internet security in our age of universal electronic connectivity. Amidst viruses, hackers, and electronic fraud, organizations and individuals are constantly at risk of having their private information compromised. This creates a heightened need to protect data and resources from disclosure, guarantee their authenticity, and safeguard systems from network-based attacks. The Sixth Edition covers the expanding developments in the cryptography and network security disciplines, giving students a practical survey of applications and standards. The text places emphasis on applications widely used for Internet and corporate networks, as well as extensively deployed Internet standards. New to this edition: 1. Chapter on network access control includes a general overview of the topic plus discussions of the Extensive Authentication Protocol and IEEE 802.1X 2. Section on cloud security covers the security issues related to cloud computing 3. Section on mobile device security introduces this essential aspect of enterprise network security 4. Thoroughly updated chapter on malicious software focusing on backdoor/rootkit malware more commonly installed by social engineering attacks, rather than more classic direct infections like viruses and worms1. Introduction 2. Symmetric Encryption and Message 3. Public-Key Cryptography and Message 4. Key Distribution and User Authentication 5. Network Access Control and Cloud Security 6. Transport-Level Security 7. Wireless Network Security 8. Electronic Mail Security 9. IP Security 10. Malicious Software 11. Intruders 12. Firewalls
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Eberhard Wolff , Pearson Education, 2018, 1, Paperback, 288, India, New, Usually Ships in 8 Days
Using Continuous Delivery, you can bring software into production more rapidly, with greater reliability. A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery is a 100% practical guide to building Continuous Delivery pipelines that automate rollouts, improve reproducibility, and dramatically reduce risk. Eberhard Wolff introduces a proven Continuous Delivery technology stack, including Docker, Chef, Vagrant, Jenkins, Graphite, the ELK stack, JBehave, and Gatling. He guides you through applying these technologies throughout build, continuous integration, load testing, acceptance testing, and monitoring. Wolff’s start-to-finish example projects offer the basis for your own experimentation, pilot programs, and full-fledged deployments. A Practical Guide to Continuous Delivery is for everyone who wants to introduce Continuous Delivery, with or without DevOps. For managers, it introduces core processes, requirements, benefits, and technical consequences. Developers, administrators, and architects will gain essential skills for implementing and managing pipelines, and for integrating Continuous Delivery smoothly into software architectures and IT organizations.Understand the problems that Continuous Delivery solves, and how it solves them Establish an infrastructure for maximum software automation Leverage virtualization and Platform as a Service (PAAS) cloud solutions Implement build automation and continuous integration with Gradle, Maven, and Jenkins Perform static code reviews with SonarQube and repositories to store build artifacts Establish automated GUI and textual acceptance testing with behavior-driven design Ensure appropriate performance via capacity testing Check new features and problems with exploratory testing Minimize risk throughout automated production software rollouts Gather and analyze metrics and logs with Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK), and Graphite Manage the introduction of Continuous Delivery into your enterprise Architect software to facilitate Continuous Delivery of new capabilitiesPreface Part I: Foundations Chapter 1: Continuous Delivery: What and How? Chapter 2: Providing Infrastructure Part II: The Continuous Delivery Pipeline Chapter 3: Build Automation and Continuous Integration Chapter 4: Acceptance Tests Chapter 5: Capacity Tests Chapter 6: Exploratory Testing Chapter 7: Deploy—The Rollout in Production Chapter 8: Operations Part III: Management, Organization, and Architecture for Continuous Delivery Chapter 9 Introducing Continuous Delivery into Your Enterprise Chapter 10: Continuous Delivery and DevOps Chapter 11: Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and Software Architecture Chapter 12: Conclusion: What Are the Benefits? Endnotes Index
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Byron S. Gottfried, McGraw-Hill Education, 2011, 3, Paperback, India, New, Usually ships in 4 Days
Fortunately for you, there's Schaum's Outlines. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams. Schaum's is the key to faster learning and higher grades in every subject. Each Outline presents all the essential course information in an easy-to-follow, topic-by-topic format. You also get hundreds of examples, solved problems, and practice exercises to test your skills.
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