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Stalin Malhotra, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing, 2013, 1, Paperback, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
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Stalin Malhotra, McGraw-Hill Education, 2014, 2, Paperback, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
"The Second, revised edition of Practice Test Paper for NTSE effectively complements McGraw Hill's bestselling 'Study Package for NTSE'. As the title suggests, the book is for real time practice for aspirants appearing in this prestigious examination. The book reinforces the preparation levels of candidates during the last few months before the examination."
Rs.560.00 Rs.504.00
Stalin Malhotra, McGraw-Hill Education, 2016, 3, Paperback, India, New, Usually Ships in 2 Days
The Study Package for NTSE Class X features prominently among McGraw Hill Education’s most popular books. The revised third edition of the book, with mock test papers and higher order thinking questions, is based on the syllabus outlined for class IX and X, and follows the latest pattern of the examinations. The manual is an early staple for aspirants who are not only preparing for the NTSE examinations, but have far reaching goals of other competitive examinations ahead of them.
Rs.825.00 Rs.742.50