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Mark J. Holt, Aviation Supplies & Academics, 2016, 1, Hardback, 336, USA, New, Usually Ships in 28 Days

Whether a Part 121 airline or a Part 135 charter operator, in the aviation industry a company survives by its compliance with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, or "FARs." Air Carrier Operations introduces aviation students to the significant FARs affecting airline operations. Using this book, both students and professionals will gain an appreciation of the variety of regulatory issues involved in air carrier operations, and can gather the background information they need to identify relevant regulations and apply them to their particular operations or their future employment.

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Cheryl A. Cage, Aviation Supplies & Academics, 2016, 6, Paperback, 114, USA, New, Usually ships in 4 Days

Despite going into it with a wealth of technical experience, many pilots find the airline pilot selection process frustrating. Besides the technical expertise, today’s airline pilot must also demonstrate highly developed leadership, decision-making and communication skills. Discussing one’s abilities in these introspective areas requires a different kind of interview preparation than most pilots have experienced.

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R. P. Mark, McGraw-Hill Companies, 2007, 2, Paperback, 455, USA, New, Usually Ships in 28 Days
Find the Best-Paying and Most-Fulfilling Jobs in Professional Piloting A valuable employment tool, the Professional Pilot Career Guide provides a complete sourcebook of professional flying opportunities. This updated guide contains detailed coverage of pilot ratings and practical test standards-plus goal-achieving tips on job hunting, networking, regional airlines, the majors, and more. Written by career pilot and aviation-industry expert Robert P. Mark, this vital reference offers a real-world look at what it's like to fly for the airlines, corporations, or charter companies, together with guidance on pay, benefits, types of aircraft, and future prospects. Packed with illustrations, Professional Pilot Career Guide features:Full coverage of aviation training-where to get it and how to finance it The latest airline, corporate, and charter employment opportunities 200 common interview questions-and the 10 most frequent interview mistakes Current information on the best-paying flying jobs Valuable advice on PC-based job search techniques Indepth pilot interviews Essential internet resources Inside This Cutting-Edge Employment Resource for Today's Pilots * Your Career Starts Here * Flight Training * Ratings * Where Are the Jobs? * The Regional Airlines * The Majors * Business Aviation * The Pilot and the PC
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