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Tony Brookes, Nexus Special Interests, 1998, 1, Paperback, 68, UK, New, Usually ships in 4 Days
In today's demanding world, model flyers need clean, quiet and safe power sources. The CO2 motor has become an important means of meeting those needs. This comprehensive guide to CO2 power will help both beginners and experienced modellers to take advantage of this technology. The basic principles are described and the newcomer is guided through the initial learning process. More advanced motors are also described and the design of CO2 models is discussed in detail. There is a chapter devoted to troubleshooting techniques and another offering advice for the engine collector. Finally, some predictions are made concerning the future development of this technology.
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FAA, Aviation Supplies & Academics, 2003, 1, Paperback, USA, New, Usually ships in 4 Days

The first official book released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the sole purpose of glider and sailplane instruction and knowledge, this book answers all the questions related to glider flying and soaring found in the FAA's required knowledge exams for pilots. Included is detailed coverage on decision making, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, soaring weather, flight instruments, medical factors, communications, and regulations, all in relation to the world of glider flying. Through full-colour graphics and detailed descriptions, pilots are better able to comprehend and visualise the manoeuvres within the book.

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FAA, Aviation Supplies & Academics, 2007, 1, Paperback, 165, USA, New, Usually ships in 4 Days

A powered parachute (PPC) is a category of aircraft that requires the pilot to inflate the wing (parachute) and then control the aircraft with a pendulum configuration” of the cart hanging below it.

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