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Sky At Night, The
       Sky At Night, The
Author : Robin Kerrod
Year : 2000
ISBN : 9780764173837
List Price Rs.2,480.79
Net Price : Rs.2,233.00
You Save : 10 %

Here's a great way for amateur astronomers to get started in the study of stars, planets, and other celestial objects. This handsomely packaged kit provides stargazers with the following items:

  • A Planisphere—a 9" diameter laminated double disk with a night sky star chart on the base disk and a movable top disk providing directional bearings and scales that mark hours of the night and months of the year
  • an Astrotorch—a small flashlight that gives off a beam of red light, allowing star watchers to study charts when they're outside on a dark starry night
  • Mapping the Skies—a 128-page spiral-bound book of sky maps and charts
  • The Star Guide—another 128-page spiral-bound book of full-color sky photos, illustrations, and a lively text that explains the science of astronomy

Lucky owners of this kit will be off to a great start in understanding what they're seeing when they gaze up at the night sky. It's also a great teacher's tool for science class.


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